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Fleet Procurement

Competitively sourcing passenger and/or commercial vehicles can be complex and many companies do not have specific expertise within their workforce to feel entirely comfortable when faced with the need to establish the correct vehicle requirements for their forthcoming business needs.

Combine this with the need to establish the best manufacturer to meet those business needs in their geographical locations, comparing costs, establishing lead times, matching and marrying these dates and then managing the process through to delivery whilst keeping all parties informed and ensuring that any variables are communicated immediately and necessary adjustments made.

As ACL Automotive deal with manufacturers on a daily basis and have developed some fantastic partnerships with some of the most well known brands across the globe. We will perform all the above tasks as part of our standard service for companies who are having their vehicles supplied by us. There are, however some companies that may wish to use our service as a standalone product. For these clients ACL Automotive are happy to assist with specification, manufacturer comparison, cost comparison and acquisition management on a simple fee basis.

"Very helpful whilst trying to sort a lease agreement with a new company giving options for 1 year plans to get us on the ladder"

RHD Midland

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